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Mass Hauntings: Season 1 Episode 1

The Investigation of the Lizzie Borden House


Owen Myre, Daniel Groom, Myra Wilson, Dave Foley


February 28th to March 1st, 2021


Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Fall River, Massachusetts

The Lizzie Borden House is full of mystery. An attraction for ghost hunters and crime buffs alike, the Lizzie Borden house and it's story is a marvel for anybody. With an unsolved murder that occurred when forensic science was just getting started, It's no wonder why information and key evidence was lost. Adding to that a possible dark past predating the Borden family, it's a story that will last for centuries. 

Thankfully, with the continued growing interest and paranormal enthusiast sharing their experiences, this assures us that this piece of history will not be lost and the memory of Andrew and Abby Borden will continue on. We hope to add to these stories. Below are some of our highlights of our investigation. 


Orbs in general can be easily debunked as dust, lens flares, bugs, etc. This house is very dusty and it was noticed right away on our screens. In light of this, there were three orbs caught on video that appeared and behaved differently than the rest of the dust flying around. 


In the Hosa Knowlton Room, where the spirits of children are said to be, two orbs appeared in front of a static camera that was set up. At the time of their appearance, our crew was conducting an EVP session in the John Morse room (where Abby Borden was murdered) directly below it. 


What made these orbs stand out from regular dust was their appearance. These ones were hollow, almost like  rings, and it seemed to emit its own light. Dust that appeared throughout the footage was solid and was only illuminated by the IR light of the camera. Then within minutes, the audio on the camera “popped”.  Audio disturbances like this usually happen when power is either supplied or taken away. Spirits will use whatever power source they can get, including people to gain the energy they need to appear. 


When you combine the hollowness, the emitting of light and the audio disturbance, it’s a little bit more credible that something could have been trying to manifest. 


In the basement with Owen, Dan and Dave, the three of them found the interior door to the bulkhead slightly open. A door that was left closed earlier in the evening.  Dan noticed the door was moving slightly. When reviewing the footage, an orb shoots out from behind the door at a fast pace. This was found after reviewing the footage several times. 

Could this orb have been a spirit that was passing through that door? Although this one does not look like the others captured in the Hosa Knowlton room, it’s behavior and occurrences around it give it strong ground that it could have been paranormal. What happens immediately after may be the first big piece of evidence to prove it.

The Hiss

Dave went in between the interior and exterior doors to see if a breeze or wind may have caused the door to open. However, that day was just rainy with no wind. Dave discovered the door to the outside was unlocked. As he locked it, Owen, Dan and Dave all heard what sounded like a hiss close to them coming from the basement. 


This part of the basement only has a washer and dryer that was not running at the time, along with a refrigerator and electrical boxes, none of which would make a sound like that. Both cameras capture it clearly with the camera Dave was holding the clearest. Not to point out that where Dave was standing is where the orb had come out from less than a just minutes before. 


In court transcripts, Bridget Sullivan, the family maid, had said that on the morning of the murders, she was in and out of the basement gathering supplies to wash windows when Lizzie approached him and told her not to lock the cellar door. Could this hiss have been a sign of displeasure and if so who was it? 


The Scratch

At this point of the night actively was mostly occurring in the basement. After the hiss in the basement, the crew went to get the SB-7 Spirit Box and conduct a session in the very same spot. Responses received are open to interpretation as nothing came through clearly. 


Owen had led the session asking questions. In asking direct questions to certain spirits, he asked Bridget Sullivan what it was like to work at the Borden house. After asking, Owen turns around saying he felt someone touching his back. After taking a second, he continues on to finish the session. 


When the session was over, Owen complained that his back hurt and wanted to head upstairs. Back on the third floor after some thinking, Dan asked Owen about his pain on his back. After Owen described it, he lifted up his shirt to reveal several small scratches on his mid back. These scratches he claimed were never there and nothing could have caused it.  


Where those markings from the touch Owen felt in the basement. Was it a response to what it was like to work for the Borden family or a warning to us that we were communicating with unwilling spirits, or worse.


The Face

During our interview with Susan Ahearn, we had some equipment malfunction. Included in the show is a question that was asked about what the hiss that was heard in the basement could have been. As Susan gave her answer, her wireless microphone received some sort of signal interference. This lasted from the very beginning of the answer until the end of if. It did not occur anymore in the hour and 30 minute interview. 


One week after the interview, Susan said at some point when she was leaving her house, she felt someone was watching her. Her natural instinct was to take a photo behind her then run off to continue her business. The next day while reviewing the photo, in the top right of the window is what appears to be the face of an old man. After doing some research on who it could be, it's possible that it may be the spirit of Andrew Borden. There is a close resemblance to him and the face. 


It is possible that spirits can attach themselves to things or even people. There is no way to tell for sure if this is in fact the spirit of Andrew but one cant help but wonder if he did follow us, how and why?  






















The Lizzie Borden House has a lot to offer. What we experienced in there is just a piece of what other have with countless stories from both guests and staff members. We were lucky enough (or unlucky) to have been able to capture what we did as there is no telling when paranormal occurrences will happen. Below is the full investigation. Hopefully someday we can go back to do a follow up investigation. 

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Andrew Borden
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