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*This article was translated from its original language available here.

Boston - The film entitled "They Don't Know", produced by Daniel Groom, premiered on Saturday, January 20 at the Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) in East Boston.

Actors and production team of the film attended the premiere to enjoy the screening that kept the audience captivated and in suspense. The main actors, Patience McStravick, of New Hampshire and Owen Myre of Massachusetts were very satisfied with their work.

Young Latino from Massachusetts premieres touching movie

By Natalia Aponte - January 26, 2018

The Verónica Robles Cultural Center presented the premiere of the film "They Don't Know" by the young producer of Peruvian origin, Daniel Groom.

They Don't Know is about the relationship of a mother with her child and how it becomes tense after the child is involved in a terrible accident, just after having an argument with his mother. The mother falls into a depression and tries to amend the relationship with her son, but finds herself in a situation that will not allow it to happen.

The film premiered exclusively at VROCC and an official release will be made to the public later on.

Part of the mission of the VROCC is to serve as a platform to support Latin American talent and other minorities.

Daniel Groom with part of the cast of the film, They Don't Know, Patience McStravick and Owen Myre

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