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New Paranormal Film Underway For ParaAct Entertainment

ParaAct Entertainment officially announces its newest feature film, Stonegate. Production will take place in July and will last until October of 2021. Stonegate will be the second feature film under the PAE Films line up.

A disturbed doctor at a state hospital murders a patient and covers it up. 15 years later, Nolan and a group of teens explore the now abandoned hospital and unintentionally uncover the dark secret. The restless spirit of the patient attaches to Nolan and brings to light the decade and a half murder and reveals a much darker revelation.

Stonegate will star Conor Timmis (First Signal), Owen Myre (Psycho Goreman) and Patience McStravick (Alternate Ground). The film will also feature Bob Gallagher, Chayten Prashant, Ethan Ergen and Allison Stankford.  Towns the production will use will be Medfield and East Falmouth, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire.

The film will be directed by Daniel Groom, who's first feature film, Alternate Ground, won 11 awards including Best Acting and taking home Audience Choice and Best Feature film at the 2020 Lonely Seal Film Festival.

It's release is planned for late 2022.

Stonegate promo 1.jpg
Stonegate promo 2.jpg
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